Our Origin

Even after 64 years of independence from British rule, the 15th official census in India reflected only 74% literacy rate in 2011.

Getting to the roots, 52% dropout rate in India’s primary and elementary schools was figured, backed by one major heart-wrenching reason - Finance - the one powerful thing whose scarcity snatches away pens from a million hands, replacing them a dark future.

And that’s how the Scholarship system tolled a vogue.

But launching a scholarship scheme is not even half the work done. It has to be exposed to every nook and corner of student fraternity.

And that’s how we were born.

Buddy4Study’ is that helping hand that leads the needy and deserving students to the educational funders.We provide a-z information about the latest scholarship programs, their application processes, documentations, deadlines, amounts of proposed scholarships, etc. Once subscribed with us, we maintain with you a constant update with all the latest scholarship schemes that can help you in pursuing your educational dreams.

We are providing this information as a free service because it's something which we believe in and something we’re committed to do so that you not only find an opportunity for yourself but also uplift the entire nation.


For Our Scholarship Providing Partners:

The Challenge is that the Scholarship opportunities need an exposure to students so that they can initiate pursuing their dream careers, but keeping in mind the complexities of reaching out to students for the application invites, to the final disbursement of proposed funds, it’s not an easy task. The Promotional channels are highly expensive and inefficient to reach out to the right kind of audience. The Technology, promotional activities and application processes are not standard and its' laborious to handle applications manually. So, we are here to assist you in providing a technology enabled standard scholarship process.

From exposure, to invites, to assistance through the application process, to answering queries, to scrutinizing eligible candidates, to completing their documentation, to checking on their authenticity, to arranging interviews, to fetching bank details, to mobilizing the proposed scholarship fund from you to the selected candidates… we do everything on your behalf… And the best part is-

You can always track down your scholars on our website through STS, i.e. Scholar Tracking System.

Some of our Tie-ups include:

  • Magic Bus India Foundation
  • OM Foundation
  • ShikshaDaan Foundation
  • Digital Empowerment Foundation
  • L’Oreal India
  • Fair & Lovely Foundation
  • HDFC Foundation
  • Design and Innovation Academy
  • India Fellow


Our Media Partners are:

  • The Hindu
  • Prabhat Khabar
  • Haribhumi
  • Gaon connection

We are the only scholarship website in India with a mobile app. We connect with our subscribers via:

  • Telephonic calls
  • E-mails
  • SMSs
  • Mobile app notifications
  • Face to face interviews, etc.

                             BECAUSE EDUCATION IS ELEVATION